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Prevailing Wage

A Weakened State:  The Economic and Social Impacts of Repeal of the Prevailing Wage Law in Illinois
Which Labor Market Institutions Reduce Income Inequality?  Labor Unions, Prevailing
Wage Laws, and Right-to-Work Laws in the Construction Industry
Wisconsin’s Prevailing-Wage Law, An Economic Impact Analysis
Weakening Prevailing Wage Hurts Local Contractors And Workers
How Weakening Wisconsin’s Prevailing Wage Policy Would Affect Public Construction Costs And Economic Activity
The Impact of Repealing Prevailing Wage Laws on Military Veterans
An Analysis of Davis-Bacon Prevailing Wage Requirements: Evidence from Highway Resurfacing Projects in Colorado
Prevailing Wage and Government Contracting Costs: A Review of the Research
The Impact of Wages on Highway Construction Costs: Updated Analysis
Do Lower Prevailing Wages Reduce Public Construction Costs?
Prevailing Wage and Military Veterans in Wisconsin: Applied Policy Brief
Road and Bridge Construction Workers in the Midwest
Economic Impact on Wisconsin of Trade-supported Technical Education

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